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My name is Neena Dee.  Here is a short biography of my life so that you will know a little about me and understand why I have a passion to help people move to Korea.  

Decades ago, I was born in Taegu, Korea and grew up in an orphanage run by World Vision for the first seven years of my life.  At the age of 7, I was adopted by my adoptive mother who then relocated me to California where I lived there until I went to college.  

As a teenager, I was hungry to maintain my Korean heritage; however, my mother being of Scottish descent could not foster this, and therefore I lost my understanding of the Korean language despite the fact that I was fluent in Korean at the age of seven.  Over the years, I have taken multiple courses in relearning the language and am progressing nicely.

A while back, I returned to Korea and revisited the orphanage.  The trip was a success and I was able to see Korea with an adult's point of view.  From that moment on, I fell in love with Korea with their rich culture and wonderful people.  As I mentioned before, my love and respect for Korea fuels my passion to help people move to Korea and back to the United States 

It gives me great pleasure to know that I work with Premier Van Lines International that prides itself on their reputation offering excellent services and competitive pricing.  

I would like to help you move to Korea, the land of the morning calm.  Please fill out the estimate request below and I will be more than happy to provide a quote for you.  Moreover, you can call or email me if you have additional questions or would like a quote over the phone.

Thanks for reading my biography and I wish you the best of luck with your move.

Naui Ttatteushan Neun Anbu Wa Hamkke,


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